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Many psychologists suggest that physical and mental abuse, drug addiction and social dysfunctions are learned behaviors taught by parents and passed down to the children. Those affected by these dire situations are likely to pass them on through the generations.

While most people continue on this downward spiral of hopelessness and despair, St. Petersburg, Fla.-based DJ Winn decided a long time ago to break this cycle of self-destruction. Surviving extreme poverty, physical cruelty and abandonment, he used his harrowing hardships as catalysts to overcome the childhood traumas of growing up in more than 200 different foster homes.



DJ Winn - I Am

DJ Winn - I Am

DJ Winn - I Am

DJ Winn - Testimony

DJ Winn | "WIN OR LOSE - The Dj Winn Story" | (Video Documentary)

Dj Winn Feat. Brian Heffner - Drowning (Official Video)


“Look at everything that God has brought me through. I overcame so much. I survived. I didn’t make excuses,” DJ Winn contends. “I got a testimony every day, and I feel like listening to my story can motivate other people to change their life.”


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